Nile Herbs For Import & Export is an Egyptian company; it was founded in 2005 as a grower and producer of Herbs, Spices and Seeds, then we started manufacturing our own production to be distributed by the local exporting agents and offices, afterwards we decided to export our own production BY ourselves as we are known all over Egypt that we are the specialists in these fields to present Good Quality for competitive prices. So That We Can Export Our Goods and Products To the Global Market and We Succeeded To Do That with Establishing a Mutual Trust With Our Partners In Many Countries around the world in Egypt

Nile Herbs is committed to consumers, the environment and the cultivation of foods that respect the natural cycles of life and in line with the requirements of organic and non-organic foods set by the European Union. We use natural materials to eliminate diseases and insects in the field and we use organic fertilizers to improve fertility and ensure rich soil with food. We also strive for the highest quality standards in the food industry in size, color,taste and storage.We always seek to Supply Our Partners with The best Quality Herbs, Spices, seeds & Gum olibanum . We do our best to establish a successful business for a long time with our Customers all over the world, based on providing them High Quality of Spices, Herbs, Seeds and Frankincense with Competitive and Workable Prices and We Believe That The Mutual Cooperation Is The Guarantee To Achieve The Best Satisfaction Of Our Partners.

Nile Herbs has it's own farms at the west of Fayuom governorate that is considered the heart of the Egyptian herbs and Spices cultivation

Nile Herbs already have a big variety of partners from all over the world  our aim always is to gain trust and to cover all needs of customers.