Caraway seeds

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Botanical Name: (Carum carvi)
Product Forms: Seeds - Ground (20-60 Mesh)
Season: From November till April 
Availability: Available all over the Year
Capacity:  13 MT / 20 FCL & 26 MT / 40 FCL
Packages: Paper Bags – Polypropylene Bags
Weight: 25 KGs net PP.Bag

The Benefits of Caraway

Caraway Seed (Carum carvi) is a herb in the parsley family, known as Carum carvi. Caraway Seed is a common flavoring for many kinds of rye bread, fruits, cakes, and considered a digestive aid. It is also used to flavor sauerkraut, sausage, cheese, cabbage, and soups. It has a pungent aroma and a distinctly sweet but tangy flavor. The oil extracted from the seeds is used as an ingredient of alcoholic liquors. Both seeds and oil possess aromatic, stimulant and carminative properties. Caraway was widely employed at one time as a carminative cordial, and was recommended in dyspepsia and symptoms attending hysteria and other disorders.

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