Gum Arabic (Talha)

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(Acacia seyal)

Acacia seyal: also known as Talha which is considered commercially Grade two

We sort this type into four grades : 

Talha sifting grade - particles size ( 0.5mm 4mm )

Talha grade 3 - particles size ( 4mm and above )

Talha dust grade - particles size ( under 0.5mm )

Talha cleaned - consist of minimum 35 % sifting and 65 % 63


Loading Capacity:

20 feet containers 18 metric tons

40 feet containers 30 metric tons

The Benefits of Gum Arabic

 It helps the digestive system run smoothly and reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes . The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) have approved acacia as an additive in foods and drugs . This means it's considered safe for manufactures to use in their products . Recently , the FDA also approved acacia as an ingredient in products such as breakfast cereals , snack bars , and baked goods .

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