Laurel leaves

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(Laurus nobilis)

Botanical Name: (Laurus nobilis)
Product Forms: Whole Leaves , Crushed leaves, and Ground (20-60 Mesh)
Season: ِ From Mid-March till August
Availability: Available all over the Year
Capacity:  4.5 MT / 20 FCL & 10 MT / 40 FCL for Whole Leaves
Packages: Paper Bags – Polypropylene Bags- compressed pallets
Weight: 10-15 KGs net PP.Bag

The Benefits of Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf (Laurus nobilis) is used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance. Bay leaves are a fixture in the cooking of many European cuisines (particularly those of the Mediterranean), as well as in the Americas. They are used in soups, stews, meat, seafood and vegetable dishes.
Bay leaves can also be crushed or ground before cooking. Crushed bay leaves impart more of their desired fragrance than whole leaves, but are more difficult to remove, and thus they are often used in a muslin bag or tea infuser.
Bay leaves can also be scattered in a pantry to repel meal moths, flies, roaches, mice, and silverfish.
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